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Here at Postiga Fitness we have a reputation for delivering results, so pick your goal & lets get started today.

injury rehabiliation

Our Active Rehabilitation program is for anyone who has a lingering injury or pain that they have been unable to recover from. Do you have a sore lower back? Tight hips & hamstrings? We are here to help. We will correct any imbalances you may have & build back your strength. All sessions are directed by our in house physio ensuring optimal recovery & may be covered by your extended physiotherapy health benefits. We offer direct billing through physiotherapy benefits as well as ICBC Claims. Please contact us to book an assessment ahead of your first session.

Weight LOSS

Weight loss can be a difficult & frustrating journey, so we are here to help you. Together we will create a personalized nutrition & exercise plan to suit your lifestyle. We will ensure this is achievable, sustainable & enjoyable. No more diets, no more hidden secrets!

Strength training

Strength training is at the heart of what we do here at Postiga Fitness. Whether you are looking to lose weight, build muscle or improve your athletic performance, our certified strength & conditioning coach will ensure you reach your goal safely & effectively.

Nutritional coaching

We understand that executing the nutritional demands of reaching your goal can be tricky work if you are working full time & have limited spare time. That's where our certified nutrition coach can help deliver a sustainable, effective nutrition plan tailored specifically to your lifestyle & fitness goals.

Golf specific training

Executing the perfect golf swing takes great skill & body mechanics. Our certified Golf Fitness Specialist will help you correct any imbalances you have & increase your golf swing efficiency. Our program will improve your game by increasing your strength, ensuring efficient movement patterns & ultimately improving how you feel on the course.


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Discover how training with direction & accountability can transform your life. Book your consultation today & get the results you desire.


Move better

Optimal movement is essential if you wish to lead a healthy & pain free life. We assess your posture & functional movement patterns to ensure your program satisfies the needs of your body alongside effectively helping you reach your desired goal. It is never too late to improve your strength & mobility.


Break old habits, create new ones

Old habits die hard right? They will when we get started. Together we will create a plan that works for you & reinforces the new healthy habits you will be creating. With consistent tracking of both exercise & nutritional habits, we will reach your goal.


An enjoyable nutrition plan

Restricting all your favourite foods is never going work in the long term. Together we will build a nutrition plan that compliments your new active lifestyle. We will ensure you enjoy a positive relationship with food & help you learn what food is best to fuel YOUR body.