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Play often & play pain free.

A well executed golf swing is about correct sequencing, sufficient stabilization and mobility. Our program will ensure you perform at your best level consistently with minimal injuries.

Our Golf Training program is designed to improve how you move & ultimately how you perform on the golf course.


Free consultation

This will give us a chance to meet each other & we will discuss what you want to achieve, why you want to achieve that goal & most importantly, how we are going to do it

fitness assessment

We will do a posture assessment, mobility assessments & a functional movement screening. This will help identify any muscular imbalances, mobility issues or limitations that may need addressing in order to achieve your goal.

swing analysis

Adhering to the same physical assessments used by Titleist to measure pro golfers, we put you through a selection of tests to identify physical deficiencies that are preventing you from achieving an optimal golf swing.

Customized plan

Your program is designed specifically for you. You This ensures quick & safe progress, with each phase of training designed to push you one step closer to your goal.


Feedback is essential if we are going to reach your goal. We will ensure you perform the skills correctly, we will hold you accountable & we will strive for success. Your feedback is also essential, this helps us improve what we do!

progressive training

We will hold you accountable & consistently push you to achieve more. Your training will adapt to keep pushing towards your goal as you become stronger, with every phase of training building on the previous to ensure optimal results.

Golf specific exercises

We will start by teaching you the foundational movements & progress to more golf specific exercises. We will ensure not only that you execute the skill safely, but also that you understand the skill & why we are doing it.

corrective exercises

From the results of our assessments, we will focus on correcting any areas of weakness or imbalance. This will ensure a solid foundation, allowing you to perform exercises correctly & minimizing the risk of injury.

Why choose to train specifically for golf?

The harder you practice, the luckier you get.

This golf intensive program is for anybody who wants to improve their golf game by improving their strength, swing mechanics or general mobility.

We will focus on correcting any imbalances or weaknesses  you may have in relation to your golf swing. Ensuring proper swing mechanics & optimal strength will reduce the risk of common injuries such as back pain or elbow issues.

To optimize your golf performance we build you a strength training program that is designed to activate the muscles that play a role in shoulder, core & pelvic stability to facilitate proper biomechanics, alongside core strength & rotational power.

Together we will improve your golf performance & keep you injury free, allowing you to enjoy your golf season to its fullest.

$90 per session

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