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Personal training on demand. train where you want, when you want.

The most affordable, flexible and convenient way to get in the best shape of your life is with an online personal trainer. No need to drive in traffic to reach your appointment & receive first class coaching, it is now delivered straight to your phone!


Free consultation

This will give us a chance to meet each other (virtually!) & we will discuss what you want to achieve, why you want to achieve that goal & most importantly, how we are going to do it.

fitness assessment

We will do a posture assessment, mobility assessments & a functional movement screening virtually. This will help identify any muscular imbalances, mobility issues or limitations that may need addressing in order to achieve your goal.

nutritional guidance

We will analyze your current eating habits & address any gaps missing from your nutrition. We will focus on foods that you enjoy eating & that will help fuel your body with the nutrients you need to succeed.

customized plan

Your program is designed specifically for you. You This ensures quick & safe progress, with each phase of training designed to push you one step closer to your goal.


Feedback is essential if we are going to reach your goal. We will ensure you perform the skills correctly, we will hold you accountable & we will strive for success. Your feedback is also essential, this helps us improve what we do!

progressive training

We will hold you accountable & consistently push you to achieve more. Your online training will adapt to keep pushing towards your goal, with every phase of training building on the previous to ensure optimal results.

virtual exercise mastery

We will start by teaching you the foundational movements, this can be done on live stream or by recording yourself. We will ensure not only that you execute the skill safely, but also that you understand the skill & why we are doing it.

corrective exercises

From the results of our assessments, we will focus on correcting any areas of weakness or imbalance. This will ensure a solid foundation, allowing you to perform exercises correctly & minimizing the risk of injury.

Why choose to train online?

Get access to expert workouts anytime, any place.

In the last few years online personal training has really taken off, allowing flexibility for both coaches & clients. Here at Postiga Fitness we offer an excellent online training program, please check it out below.


procoach program

Being a a Precision Nutrition certified nutrition coach allows us to offer this world renowned program that consistently delivers results.

Unlike other nutrition programs, we don’t prescribe diets or meal plans. Instead, we help you build the skills & habits necessary to make permanent lifestyle changes. This program will ultimately encourage you to make smart nutritional choices for life alongside exercising with purpose. No more diets, no more confusion… just evidence based training methods producing epic results.

Alongside a fitness program dedicated to achieving your goal, you have the perfect recipe to succeed.

$99 per month



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